60 Second Commentary

Why Colorado Removed Trump From the Ballot

We hear a lot about misinformation, but one thing is clear: the true misinformation comes from the globalists. The globalists are nearly done flipping our country from a bottom-up representative government to top-down authoritarianism. And so, they’re smearing anyone who would slow down their efforts to put America under their thumb. None of their false […]


The J6 narrative is unraveling because the truth is coming out

By Daniel Bobinski  Leftists in government and their media shills keep force-feeding the public that everything occurring on January 6, 2021 was the fault of Trump and his supporters. According to a recent Rasmussen Poll, 61% of Americans believe the Feds helped incite the “riot.” Considering the onslaught of propaganda pumped through the Mockingbird Media, that […]