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A parent’s guide for training up children in the way they should go

This award-winning book, authored by Dr. Daniel Bobinski and his wife, Jeralynne Bobinski, explores children’s unique learning preferences and helps you train up your child in the way he (or she) should go.

“No matter what educational choices parents make for their children, any parent who cares about their kids needs to be a student of their students. this book provides the foundation every parent needs to they can understand how their children are motivated and he ways each child learns best.”
– Steve Vaughan – Board Member, Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC), Director LOGOS Speech & Debate


55 Million Phones Were – and May Still Be – Monitored by the CDC

| CDC, Plandemic, Privacy, Vaccine, Weaponization of Government | No Comments
File this under, “Things they didn’t tell us.”  In the spring of last year (2022), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) purchased location…

Corporate Strategy in the Age of AI with Justin Mitson

| Technology | No Comments
Join Keep the Republic host Daniel Bobinski as he discusses with author Justin Mitson the wave washing over the world: Artificial Intelligence. Mitson recently published…

UK’s “Lockdown Files” Expose Draconian Gov’t Scheming, Could Lead to Criminal Charges

| Pandemic, World | No Comments
Twitter Files, move aside. News out of the U.K. has revealed massive lying and purposeful fearmongering by British Government officials, guilting and terrorizing people into…

Female Students Lose Rights, Must Tolerate Male Students’ Sexual Fantasies

| Parents Rights, Transgender | No Comments
At a time when students in Asia are taught gun safety, female students in America are told that if they’re uncomfortable with boys using their locker…

Misinformation Abounds – Questions Our Medical Professionals Should Answer

| Vaccine | No Comments
Do medical doctors employed by hospitals ever read research anymore?  How could otherwise intelligent, trained professionals insist that children under the age of 18 get…
LGBTQ pronouns in schools

Pronoun Policies Are Bringing Lawsuits and Laws

| Education, LGBTQ, Parents Rights | No Comments
Despite the overwhelming number of “red” counties in this country, school districts nationwide continue their descent into Leftist ideology.  For example, Breitbart News is reporting that…