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Dr. Daniel Bobinski


It is the TRUTH that will set us free.

Daniel is a veteran, radio/TV host, and award-winning best selling author with a passion to confront the lies and spin of the propaganda media. In addition to hosting his TV and radio shows, he’s been a regular contributor to Tracy Beanz’s,, and a local media channel True Idaho


Dr. Daniel Bobinski’s weekly broadcasts on Brighteon TV has more than a quarter million views.


Articles on current events from a conservative Christian perspective.


Radio and Podcasts are available on a variety of topics nationwide.

Wisdom = knowledge + understanding

They can try to censor the truth, but it can’t be silenced.

Why do they try to silence the truth? Because wisdom and knowledge are empowering.

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A parent’s guide for training up children in the way they should go

This award-winning book, authored by Dr. Daniel Bobinski and his wife, Jeralynne Bobinski, explores children’s unique learning preferences and helps you train up your child in the way he (or she) should go.

“No matter what educational choices parents make for their children, any parent who cares about their kids needs to be a student of their students. this book provides the foundation every parent needs to they can understand how their children are motivated and he ways each child learns best.”
– Steve Vaughan – Board Member, Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC), Director LOGOS Speech & Debate


Dr. Cole Interview – Medical Deception Exposed

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This is packed with truth. Check out Keep the Republic host Daniel Bobinski’s interview with Dr. Ryan Cole — a highly sought-after truth speaker from…

Dr Ryan Cole on Data vs Medical Deception

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Dr. Ryan Cole provides the data and the evidence of medical deception in regards to the COVID 19 virus and the mRNA shot.

Big Business Boomed under the COVID Crisis

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The powers that be shut down all "non-essential" (read: "small") businesses for a reason. In fact, many even LOST their businesses while big businesses stayed…

Grad Student Leslie Elliott Reveals the Extent Social Justice Indoctrination is Occurring In Schools

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The scene -- A liberal graduate student has her eyes opened to the breadth and depth of social justice indoctrination happening in her masters program,…

Dr. Daniel Bobinski joins Mike Adams to discuss “Love Like Jesus” and corporate culture

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What does it mean to "Love Like Jesus"? Dr. Bobinski explores that topic with Mike Adams on the Health Ranger Report in this episode.

Pfizer: Vax was NOT TESTED

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