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Why Colorado Removed Trump From the Ballot

We hear a lot about misinformation, but one thing is clear: the true misinformation comes from the globalists. The globalists are nearly done flipping our country from a bottom-up representative government to top-down authoritarianism. And so, they’re smearing anyone who would slow down their efforts to put America under their thumb.

None of their false accusations have been true, but if anyone so much as gets a flat tire these days, they blame Donald Trump – because he was putting a serious dent in their efforts to take down this country. 

Most egregious are government employees who entrapped and jailed citizens who were questioning what was obviously a shady election. (dark money) (20% of 2020 voters admit they committed fraud). Globalists labeled it an insurrection. Sure. If you want to call responding to getting shot at with rubber bullets and getting waved into the Capitol an insurrection (and some got guided tours). 

Imagine that … an unarmed insurrection. 

And now the Supreme Court in Colorado has said Trump participated in that so-called insurrection, so they won’t allow him to be on their state’s primary ballot.  

It appears the globalists have made more inroads with the Colorado Supreme Court than most might realize, because the fifth amendment to the Constitution gives us the Due Process Clause, which is where we get the principle of “innocent until proven guilty.” 

I don’t remember Donald Trump getting convicted of anything. Was there a trial in the U.S. courts that we missed? 

They’ve obviously made a decision of presumed guilt. 

I would say the justices on the Supreme Court of Colorado need to re-read the fifth amendment to the Constitution. 



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