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Dr. Daniel Bobinski

Daniel hosts the weekly Keep the Republic TV show on Brighteon.TV.  He also hosts the Keep the Republic radio show on Brighteon Radio plus a weekly Keep the Republic show in Southern Idaho on KBXL, 94.1 FM.

Daniel is also an award-winning and best-selling author.

  • Creating Passion Driven Teams  (int’l best seller)
  • Become a Student of Your Students
  • Removing Obstacles to Success

For 33 years Daniel has been an executive coach and corporate trainer (which he still finds time for).  He holds an undergraduate degree in Workforce Education, a master’s degree in Training & Development, a doctorate in Theology, plus he’s “all but dissertation” for a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning & Leadership.

Daniel is also a Certified Behavioral Analyst and a Certified Motivational Analyst.

Three years ago Daniel felt he needed to confront the lies and spin of the propaganda media. In addition to hosting his TV and radio shows, he’s been a regular contributor to Tracy Beanz’s,, plus he started True Idaho