60 Second Commentary

Marxists are Winning in Baltimore Schools

Like well-trained parrots, teacher’s unions scream, “We need more money!” But depending on who you ask, the Baltimore school district already spends between $15 – $21 thousand annually on each student. Considering that 45 states spend LESS per student, you would think these highly educated, highly paid, professional Baltimore teachers would know how to transfer […]

Keep the Republic Show

Duke Pesta: The Focus of ‘Public’ Education is NOT Education – It’s Advocacy for Socialism

Dr. Duke Pesta, a leading authority on the pitfalls of Common Core education, recently spent some time on Daniel Bobinski’s Keep the Republic show discussing the Leftist infiltration of education across America.  View the discussion here, or watch it below. When it comes to education, no conservative states exist. Even Oklahoma, the most conservative state in the nation, […]