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Marxists are Winning in Baltimore Schools

Like well-trained parrots, teacher’s unions scream, “We need more money!” But depending on who you ask, the Baltimore school district already spends between $15 – $21 thousand annually on each student.

Considering that 45 states spend LESS per student, you would think these highly educated, highly paid, professional Baltimore teachers would know how to transfer some basic math knowledge to their students.

But get this: 13 Baltimore high schools failed to produce a single student who tested “proficient” in math.  Not one.

The school district is trying to blame Covid lockdowns, but guess what? Every school had covid lockdowns!  And six year ago – before Covid – the same number of Baltimore high schools had the same result.

It’s kind of a systemic problem.

Parents are fed up, and they’re calling for resignations. No doubt they’ll be called terrorists by the Marxists who’ve infiltrated the system, but you need to realize that despite their denials, the dumbing down of America is their plan.  

Do what you can to get your kids educated another way.

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