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Will Michelle Obama Run for President?

Who will the Democrats run in 2024?

Won’t be Hillary. The Durham report showed that the Russia Collusion story was a hoax, and that Hillary’s folks funded the lie and fanned the flames. Most everyone believes that Barry Soetoro and his crew have been running the show behind the scenes the past couple of years.

And with Joe’s popularity swirling in the toilet, some folks are predicting that Barry’s wife will run.

ROGER STONE:  The Democratic nominee for President will be Michelle Obama. They have already rigged their primaries. The reason that they have cancelled the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary is to put South Carolina –  a state where the majority of the Democratic primary voters are African American –

That move would certainly energize the Left. Barry has empty but polished rhetoric.  His presence on the campaign trail would fill the left with hope. Unfortunately, the CHANGE he advocates resembles nothing more than Marxism. Sadly – most of his fawning followers are blind to that fact.

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