Why School Levies are Out of Order, plus Ranked-Choice Voting with Dorothy Moon

In the first half of this episode, Daniel Bobinski breaks down the ins and outs of the myriad school levies being proposed in Idaho, and the numbers will be eye-opening. Included in that is an astute insight into the arguments for more student spending and why typical arguments in favor of that do not hold water when viewed using statistical analysis. 

Following that, Daniel interviews Dorothy Moon, Chair of the Idaho Republican Party, and gets her take on the dangers of the forthcoming ballot initiative to introduce ranked-choice voting in Idaho. This ballot initiative is funded solely by Leftists and establishment “Republicans,” despite the legislature getting a law passed this past session that makes it illegal for ranked-choice voting to occur in Idaho. 

Moon says people need to know that if they’re asked if they want fairer elections, they should say the elections are already fair. She says if ranked-choice voting succeeds in the ballot initiative, conservatives will never again hold elected office in this state. 


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