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Whoopi Goldberg Peddles in Fearmongering and Lies

I think it’s fair to say Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t want people remembering black household income rose significantly when Trump was President.

To distract people from that, Goldberg peddles in fearmongering and lies.

Whoopie Goldberg says:

You worried that you can’t pay your bill? Wait until the other guy becomes President and you won’t have to worry about it cuz you’ll be in some camp somewhere – cuz that’s his promise.

Being a typical leftist, she’s accusing her opposition of what her side wants to do: It’s the Left that wants people in camps.

Now, she does get one thing right:

Whoopi Goldberg:

People’s faith the country is waning.

But she doesn’t dare mention Biden’s socialist policies are the cause. And she shows no empathy for people who can’t pay their bills.

She knows people want Trump’s economy back. And she knows she can’t sell socialism with logic. So, like any good socialist, she lies. Make up facts and state them with passion. She is, after all, an actress – and as such, her job is to convince people to believe things that aren’t real.

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