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Totalitarianism is Coming to Australia

Many serving in the Australian Government appears to have bought in to totalitarianism, as lawmakers there have introduced new legislation that would ban online content that is not officially approved.
Their proposed “Digital Code of Conduct” would use broad and vague guidelines to censor speech, and the proposed legislation defines “harm” in a way that can be subjectively determined by the Australian government’s Communications and Media Authority.
This agency would be enabled to interrogate citizens about their misinformation, plus they’d have the power to levy fines and even put people in prison for spreading “harmful” information.
Remember – THEY get to define what is harmful.
Even the Human Rights Watch has expressed concerns, saying this proposed legislation’s vague wording will lead to censorship, and that it poses a huge threat to both free speech and free societies.
Freedom lovers must prevent this totalitarian move from becoming law or Australia can kiss their liberties goodbye.

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