Topics that social media platforms don’t want you to discuss – and why

Assuming you get your news from places other than legacy media outlets, you probably know an effort to institute globalism really exists. Hopefully, at least you suspect it. One simply needs to watch the speeches of those advocating for globalism and read their writings to know it’s true. Even still, the elites don’t want us peasants discussing it much, because they don’t have all their policies and treaties in place yet, and their efforts can still be thwarted.

Not that globalists will let up, even if they do get blocked. They’ll just rename their efforts and assign other “experts” to take the stage in their efforts to deceive the populace. After all, very few people groups knowingly take the path toward serfdom. It will be an ongoing struggle until the wealthy globalists get their way or until Jesus comes back – which might occur simultaneously, but that’s a topic for a different column.

They shut down discussion

Remember in March of 2022 when White House Occupant Biden signed an executive order directing the Department of the Treasury to “assess and develop policy recommendations” on digital currency? People raised warning flags across social media platforms because they wanted to discuss this issue. They wanted their elected representatives to be in on the discussion. You know, because the Constitution guarantees a republican form of government in which the people of the country are the rightful rulers and those serving in Washington D.C. are their representatives.

Those grabbing for the reins of power didn’t want our input, so they saw to it that such discussions didn’t happen. The Marxist-friendly folks atop the social media platforms decided a few years back that your free speech can only have the reach they allow. They immediately threw their basement-dwelling globalist-shill “fact-checkers” into action.

Instead of letting Americans discuss the issue in the digital town square, “fact-checkers” quelled discussion on the matter and proclaimed the USA instituting digital currency was false information. We were told, “This is just an exploratory committee – nothing has been decided yet.”

Well, duh.

Of course, nothing had been decided yet. But these Marxist-globalist-friendly platforms effectively shut down all discussion on the issue.  If you tried to talk about any aspect of it online, you probably received “false information” flags on your account. And then, as is their policy, all of your posts were restricted.

Other shadow-banned topics

The same has been true of discussions surrounding Covid-19, “vaccines,” and masks.  The same has been true of pedophiles and groomers.  The same has been true about voter rolls, mail-in ballots, voting machines, and election fraud. And don’t you dare quote any of the tens of thousands of scientists who believe climate change fearmongering is nothing but a paper tiger.

Lies and liars

As alluded to earlier, these globalists – those seeking to dismantle western civilization – have “experts” who get on talk shows and deceive the populace with well-crafted, well-rehearsed sound bites. Given that only 41% of the population looks beyond the headlines, those sound bites go a long way toward impacting public opinion.  

Consider the power of their lies. Here in 2023, multiple polls show that 48% of the population still believes Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 Presidential election, even after the Durham Report showed that the story was completely fabricated.

Earlier this year, a Pew Research survey found that 54% of the U.S. population believes climate change is a major threat to this country.

Why? Regularly, throughout all forms of media, any objective discussion of climate issues is mocked or censored.  We’re supposed to believe what we’re told by “the consensus.”

Pause for a moment to think about “the consensus.” One of the most amazing mathematical minds of the Elizabethan era, Galileo, found that the earth was not the center of the universe, but rather the earth rotated around the sun. According to the consensus of the time, that was heresy, and Galileo was sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his life.

Lying for power

The conviction of Galileo was likely born out of ignorance. Today’s consensus is born out of a lust for power. Until the formation of the United States, all countries of the world operated with top-down authoritarian systems. Outside of Israel during the 400-year timespan of the Judges and city-states like Athens, America was uniquely formed to be bottom-up government.

Self-government requires education. It requires participation. It requires diligence. But those who lust for power and fulfill that lust only through Machiavellian fearmongering have seen to it that our education systems, government institutions, and even our churches were filled with people who weakened the resolve of the populace. Aided by the media and our now-woke military and sports leagues that regularly dupe our populace, our society now teeters on the precipice.

Will America fall to the globalists? Either we speak truth more boldly to the issues facing our country and find ways past the Marxist censorship, or, with our silence, we give consent. What’s your choice?

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