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The Thanksgiving Hockey Stick Belongs to Joe Biden

Remember Michael Mann? The climatologist who received lots of government grant money?
In the late 1990’s he crunched some numbers and gave us the now-famous temperature hockey stick. 

Except that when other scientists tried replicating his findings, they found that rather than crunch the numbers, Mann cooked them!!!  

They found Mann’s formulas were so convoluted, they could have entered phone book data and still got a hockey stick. 

Well, with Thanksgiving around the corner, some NON-government data might surprise you.  

The American Farm Bureau Federation has released their 38th annual dollar figure for what it costs to prepare a Thanksgiving meal.  

And this is a real graph that you can easily verify

And yes – it’s a hockey stick. 

Going back a dozen years, we have a fairly steady cost. But when we get to Biden’s years, on average, costs are 20% higher to buy your meal. And this year it’s nearly 24% higher. 

Well, even though you’ll have to spend more money – I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. 

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