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The Supreme Court Has a Chance to Fix Government – But Will They?

In colonial times, King George mandated that colonists house and feed his soldiers. This tyrannical overreach was so egregious, it was specifically mentioned in our Declaration of Independence as a reason for severing ties with England.

Jump to the 1930s. FDR’s New Deal resulted in a substantial increase in the number of government agencies, the leaders of which were given authority to create their own rules, enforce those rules, and apply their own penalties. This practice not only enables government overreach, it also violates the separation of powers built into our Constitution.

To make matters worse, in 1984, the Supreme Court stated that government agencies have the right to interpret their own statutes, unless Congress says otherwise. In other words, agency personnel were enabled to act as both law creators and law enforcement, plus both judge and jury! The sinful nature of man has led to an ever-growing police state that is becoming more and more tyrannical.

That may soon change. In 2020, agencies within the Department of Commerce began compelling fishing companies to house the agencies’ monitors on their fishing boats — AND pay $700 a day to cover the costs.

This practice is no different from King George forcing colonists to house and feed his soldiers, and it resulted in court cases that ended up in front of the Supreme Court.

Thus, the Court has an opportunity to fix the government’s ever-growing police state. Let’s hope they do, because if the Court doesn’t do the right thing, then tyrannical overreach will continue to have its way, and another declaration may be warranted.

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