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The smearing of Trump; Biden crimes exposed, and how to teach teens the truth

Mainstream media has a love-hate relationship with Donald Trump.  They hate that he wants to keep the Republic; they love that he brings them ratings. But this election is different from 2016. Totalitarians are spinning every statement made by or about Trump in every conceivable way to smear him. Unfortunately, some of it is sticking, and uniformed voters who previously supported the man are now shying away, thinking Trump has “too much baggage.”  The media knows that and they are piling on every chance they get.

Also in this Keep the Republic show (view HERE or below), Daniel Bobinski talks with former state representative Elizabeth Hodge, who, as a legislator, had her eyes opened that it is the lobbyists and bureaucrats who really run things. To combat that, Hodge and her husband started the NW Liberty Academy, with a focus to educate teens on the principle of solid governance, free market capitalism, and the fact that words mean things!

Each year the NW Liberty Academy ( hosts a 4-day symposium, bringing in speakers from all three branches of government as well as noted professionals speaking on key issues. The event will be held on the campus of Boise State University from Wednesday, June 21 through Saturday, June 24.  This year marks the return of a visit to the Idaho Capitol.

Anyone aged 12 to adult is encouraged to attend, and parents of paying students can attend for free. All that’s asked of parents is that they cover the cost of food.  People coming from out of town can arrange to stay in the campus dorms. Learn more by going to  Hodge says that no one is every turned away due to lack of funds. If someone wants to attend, they will find a way to cover the costs.

In the second half of today’s show, Bobinski discusses the trouble that America is facing with the corruption being uncovered regarding Joe Biden. Reason:  It’s not just Biden that would go down (if anything ever comes of the corruption), but also the FBI because they knowingly and willfully covered for him.

Bobinski also discussed the censure vote on Adam Schiff and ended the show by saying “NEVER FORGET” what Fauci and company did to lie to world, all for their own personal profit.

Watch the show on Rumble or view it here:

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