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The Ongoing Pushback Against Marxism – with Tom Munds

Today’s show opens with Daniel Bobinski discussing one of his 60-second news segments that took off on TikTok – the correlation between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and vaccines. He reports on an article from Natural News, quoting an interview that investigator Steve Kirsh had with a retired police officer who used to investigate SIDS cases. She said that in 50% of the cases, the child had received a vaccination within the 48 hours prior to the death, and that in 70% of the cases, the deceased infant had received a vaccine sometime in the seven days before the death.

Bobinski also cited CDC data on the reduced number of baby wellness checks that occurred during the 2020 lockdowns (i.e., fewer vaccinations), and there was also a corresponding number of SIDS cases – again, citing CDC data.

Correlation does not equal causation, but Bobinski says this data should give health care professionals cause for pause.

The rest of the show was a conversation between Bobinski and Tom Munds, Regional Director of the John Birch Society. The main topic: Marxist infiltrations in American institutions – most notably in higher education.

Munds also shared some of the questions he’s asking candidates these days – questions that get past the basic, “Do you support the 2nd Amendment” and, “Are you pro-life” inquiries that tell us little about the candidate.  Munds described how these questions, such as, “What is your moral compass,” tell voters much more about what a candidate is really about.

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