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The Medical Industrial Complex Lies, and Nobody Stops Them

The powers-that-be are gaslighting us, as usual.  Go to the CDC website and you find they still say the mRNA injections that made billions of dollars for the Medical Industrial Complex are “safe and effective.

And they still push money out to state governments – so that states can spout the misinformation that this concoction is “safe and effective,” thus bypassing federal laws that require pharmaceutical companies to list the side effects.

What the-powers-that-be are ignoring are data that these injections cause a lot of problems.

For example, researchers in Korea recently published that these jabs are definitively linked to menstrual disorders, blood cell deficiencies, tinnitus, musculoskeletal issues and ear diseases.

And Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. James Thorp have cited evidence showing the risk of fetal loss skyrockets after the injection, despite – which is funded by Bill Gates – telling us these shots reduce stillbirths.

These people don’t care about our lives. But they will LIE to us to get their money. And nobody stops them.


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