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Ron DeSantis Pros & Cons; Biden Stokes WWIII, and Congress Kicks the Can

After teasing about it for so many months, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has entered the presidential race. What can we expect from him?

In the first half of this show, Daniel Bobinski and Shane Klaas (host of Shane Talks Politics) explore what can we expect from all of the people who’ve thrown their hats in the ring for the Presidency, despite Donald Trump being the clear front runner in that race.

In the second-half of the show, Shane and Daniel consider some other issues in the news, such as the Biden administration setting up World War III by clearing the way for the United States to start selling F16 fighter planes to Ukraine. Of course, the Ukrainians will be using your tax dollars and our tax dollars to purchase said airplanes — how convenient is that for the military industrial complex?

We’ll also be hearing from JP Sears and discussing his take on the Durham report, and the usurped Arizona governor Kerry Lake will be telling us her strategy for how to prevent the leftist globalist slime from stealing the next election in Arizona (By the way, those are Daniel’s descriptors, not hers, although we’re sure she’s thought those words).

Daniel and Shane will also talk about the Bud Light situation and other companies that are losing market share as a result of going woke.

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