Reconciling the Sin of Israel

Recently I was “challenged” to reconcile my support of the nation of Israel with the fact that Israel helped start and fund Hamas. Yes, research indicates that Israel did help Hamas get started, and quite possibly provides them funding to this day. What’s up with that? How does one reconcile with that?

A big-picture view is in order.

Turns out that this move by Israel was initially an attempt to split loyalties to Palestinian “leadership,” with the intention of weakening the impact of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO was responsible for the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre, in which 11 Israeli athletes were killed. They hijacked Israeli airplanes and ships and engaged in guerrilla warfare against Israeli forces. The PLO’s actions also contributed to the start of the 1967 Six-Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The idea behind helping start Hamas was to reduce the violence committed by the PLO.

But research also shows that over the years, Hamas became increasingly hostile to Israel.

As a side note, much could be written to show the “Palestinian” people emerged as a “nation” when no such nation previously existed. In a nutshell, the “Palestinians” emerged, in essence, out of other Arabic tribes. Some describe it as forced exiles coming together, coalescing into a people group that eventually came to be called Palestinians. But that is a long and complex analysis and a topic for a different column.

Let’s get back to the question, “How do I reconcile?” My answer is to take a big picture view, but we should include an analogy, such as the formation of the FBI. The FBI was formed in 1908 with the purpose of investigating and combatting corruption in the U.S. Government. That was their charter. And it was a valid, worthy idea. But over time, the organization expanded its own charter and took on projects it was not intended to have.

Let’s time jump to the present day and we see the FBI arresting and placing moms in solitary confinement for speaking up about election fraud while standing on the Capitol steps. The FBI says questioning the actions of the U.S. Government casts doubt on the validity of the U.S. Government, and we shouldn’t to it.

Excuse me, but arresting people for speaking out against the way government is operating and contriving some reason for the arrest is right out of the Marxist playbook.
So, with the FBI, we have an organization that was started with good intentions but over time the organization went rogue.

What’s God’s View?

With the above in mind, what is the big picture view? What is God’s view of what’s going on? Understanding this foundation is necessary.
In the Book of Genesis we see that God chose Abraham to be the father of many people groups, one of which was “chosen” (Israel) as the line through which the Messiah would come – God in the flesh – our redeemer, Jesus. God said they would be His people and He would be their God.
God said that about no other people group. Only the nation of Israel was told they would be God’s people.

The Prophesy Decreed

In the Old Testament Book of Daniel we learn about 70 sevens, or seventy weeks of years, assigned to the nation of Israel. Of those 70 weeks of years, 69 weeks have already been fulfilled. After the 69 weeks a break occurred (foretold by the angel Gabriel and also prophesied by Jesus in the Book of Luke). This break is what we call the Time of the Gentiles. Personally, I’m most grateful because the Time of the Gentiles is when God offers salvation to the entire world by allowing people everywhere to be able to place their trust in Jesus to wash away their sins.

Then, after the Time of the Gentiles, the 70th week will occur. It is during the 70th week that God’s ultimate goal is restoring His relationship with His chosen people, Israel, as stated by the angel Gabriel.

Okay, that’s the big picture. Now back to the question: How do I “reconcile” the fact that Israel helped create Hamas?

The Current Sin

First, we must recognize that all of mankind is sinful, and the sin that underlies all other sin is a lust for power (control). With that in mind, we must realize that sinful people in Israel helped create Hamas so that they could maintain power in Israel. In a similar fashion, sinful people in the FBI expanded their charter so they could assume and exercise more power in the United States.

Do I applaud the FBI for expanding their power? Of course not. And yet our tax dollars are being used to fund them and I pay my taxes. In reality, that means I’m helping fund a rogue United States agency that is working against the country’s founding principles.

Do I applaud Israel for creating and helping to fund Hamas? Of course not. And yet I pay my taxes and that means my money is being sent to Israel – and some of that money might be finding its way to Hamas.

If one decides Israel is to blame for funding Hamas, then similarly, the United States people are to blame for voting in representatives who do not reign in our rogue FBI – or any other corrupt federal agency, of which there are many.
Does any of this mean that we should abandon the United States and declare it should immediately be dissolved? I say no. Does what’s happening in Israel mean we should immediately several ties with them? I say no.

Another question: Does Israel’s sin mean they are no longer God’s chosen people? Of course not. Like the parable of the Prodigal Son, Israel has sinned and walked away from God’s will for them, but He loves them and without a doubt He will welcome them back. As prophesied by Gabriel and Jesus, God will deal with Israel when it’s the right time to do so, and I trust God’s plan more than any man’s plan any second of the day.

None of this excuses Israel from helping to create and perhaps even fund a group of people that perpetuates violence on those who disagree with them (Hamas). But Israel is and always will be God’s chosen people, and I’m not going to abandon them because they sin – just like I’m not going to abandon the United States.

Do I wish Israel would return to relying completely on God and not fund Hamas? Certainly.

Do I wish the FBI would remain true to their charter and investigate corruption in our government instead of harassing U.S. citizens speaking out against corruption in government? Most certainly.

Still, I pay my taxes, even though they’re being used against me and against God. Why? Because even though sin exists in our government, I believe that maybe … just maybe … the principles upon which this country was founded are worth fighting for.

And, I’m still going to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and say that the people of Israel are God’s chosen people. Even though sin exists in Israel’s government, Israel remains God’s chosen people, and God’s ways are higher than our ways.

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