Pronoun Policies Are Bringing Lawsuits and Laws

Despite the overwhelming number of “red” counties in this country, school districts nationwide continue their descent into Leftist ideology.  For example, Breitbart News is reporting that an Arizona high school principal in Tucson sent a list of student pronouns to teachers, instructing them to use the pronouns which were allegedly chosen by the students. The catch? Teachers were told to use the pronouns but not inform parents they were doing so.

Ironically, a lawsuit has been filed against an elementary school in New York where a fifth-grade female student was being told by teachers that she was required to use a male pronoun – against her will.  According to a report by News12 Long Island, a group called Moms for Liberty say the child was being groomed and indoctrinated by her teacher.

Naturally, those who say that LGBTQ+ students get special rights are arguing that “transgender and non-binary” students should feel safe and supported in school. They are ignoring the fact that the fifth-grade student felt bullied by the teacher and entertained suicidal thoughts as a result.

The full-court press being implemented by school districts has led to rising tensions on both sides. Dr. Duke Pesta, a professor at the University of Wisconsin and an authority on the dangers of Common Core, says that school boards nationwide are being bullied by the U.S. Department of Education to either implement the Leftist practices or lose federal funding. On the other hand, parents are pushing back, saying schools do not have the right to usurp their rights as parents to be the primary stakeholders in their children’s lives.

Thankfully, some state legislators are stepping up to put a stop to social indoctrination and grooming. For example, in Idaho:

  • Senate Bill 1071 would prohibit sex education of all types prior to the 5th grade. The goal is to protect the innocence of children in the most formative years of their life.
  • Senate Bill 1099 would make it illegal for schools to force students to take part in surveys or assignments inquiring into the home life or beliefs of students and/or their families.
  • Senate Bill 1100 would ensure school bathrooms, locker rooms, and dressing/showering areas are designated for use only by biological boys and biological girls. Students unwilling to abide would be given access to their own facilities.

Whether these bills get passed by both chambers of the legislature and then signed into law by Idaho’s far-left “Republican” governor Brad Little remains to be seen. However, it is encouraging to see lawmakers pushing back against what has become known to parents as “Woke Indoctrination.”

Those on the Left say the new school policies support gender inclusivity. Those on the Right refer to the teachings as applying Leftist ideology and grooming. The grooming efforts appear to be working. In 2017, the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law reported that 0.6% of Americans were transgender. CDC surveys published in June of 2022 indicate that the number of those claiming to be transgender is up more than 230% in that five-year span.

Pesta says local school boards should refuse to implement the Leftist pronoun ideology and shared-bathroom policies. He believes the U.S. Department of Education would lose in court if they withheld funds. At question is whether local school boards have the spine to stand up for the values and principles espoused by their communities.

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