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Poland Doesn’t Buy Enough Vaccines, Gets Sued for $1.5 Billion

Since the outbreak of a particular illness, a particular company making the all-hailed prevention earned more than $88 billion dollars on that product. 

This company forced countries to sign purchase agreements, and even more interesting, the European Union signed contracts for individual countries that had no say in the contents of those “agreements.”  

One such country was Poland.  But after the war in Ukraine started, Poland’s finances were diverted to help Ukraine – which wasn’t exactly planned. So, last year Poland invoked the force majeure clause. It’s a legal term for unforeseeable circumstances that prevents someone from fulfilling a contract, such as war.  

What does the company do? They wait until war talk settles down AND Poland gets a new administration … and then they file a $1.5 BILLION lawsuit against Poland for breach of contract … a contract Poland had no say in.  Cuz apparently, $88 Billion wasn’t enough to tie them over until the next bug comes on the scene.  

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