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Picnics are Racist

The University of Nevada Law School is falling all over itself, apologizing for using the racist word, “picnic.”
Keep in mind these are LAW professors.
The so-called “highly educated” lawyers sent out a memo, stating,
“In light of recent information regarding historical and offensive connotations associated with the word “picnic,” we have chosen to rename our event, “Lunch by the Lake.”
Good thing there was a lake nearby. Otherwise, it might have been renamed “Dinner on the Dirt.”
Three years ago, the guardians of the English Language, the University of Michigan, published a memo with words that students were no longer allowed to say because they were “racist.” The word “picnic” was among them.
The word actually comes from the French in the 1600’s to mean kind of a high class pot luck, and in the 1800s it morphed into taking a meal out to the country to eat.
Apparently, these WOKE environmental lawyers couldn’t figure that out.
I’m sure they’re good lawyers, though.

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