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Parental Rights: Beware of False Logic

There’s a tiktok by a trans named Alice who says, “To hell with parental rights,” when it comes to kids choosing their pronouns.
Let’s listen to this “logic” –
[ALICE] – If a kid needs a blood transfusion and the parents don’t want to, it’s not the parent’s right to refuse that blood transfusion for that kid because it is lifesaving.
In the same respect, if a kid only needs to – like – use a different name and pronoun in school, there might be a reason – and it might be a good reason they’re not coming out at home, and they need a safe place to be themselves.
And so to hell with this idea of Parental Rights when it comes to kids.
No matter how passionately Alice argues this, the right to a lifesaving blood transfusion is not the same as the so-called right to be called Alice instead of Al. Sexual imprints or peer- or teacher-prodded sexual fantasies are not life and death decisions. The comparison is false logic.

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