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New York Considers Fascist Approach to Force Chick-fil-A Open on Sundays

The Supreme Court has announced it’s going to review an obstruction law that’s being used against former President Donald Trump and three hundred other defendants related to the events of January 6, 2020. 

The case involves a former police officer accused of inflaming a mob at the Capitol. The officer’s case challenges the Justice Department’s interpretation of obstruction – because it relies on a law created to penalize the destruction of evidence. 

Well, neither the former police officer, nor Trump, nor any of the other January 6 defendants destroyed any evidence. 

If the Supreme Court strikes down the Justice Department’s interpretation, it will have a significant impact on the cases against hundreds of January 6 defendants – and it will put a damper on the partisan hacks in the Justice Department. 

That statement is not made lightly. We have ideological, partisan wolves in the Justice Department grasping at anything to punish those who were protesting the acceptance of ballots that were cast in direct violation of election laws in multiple states. 

It’s rather ironic. The FBI says it’s unamerican for people to say things that erode trust in our government. I say it’s unamerican for people in the Justice Department to do things that erode our trust in them



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