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NBC News is Manufacturing Fear

An NBC piece recently spewed forth a whole slew of unfounded concerns – hypotheticals that could be said about any President in any era.

Let me point out some of the fearmongering to make us all afraid of Donald Trump –

  • “Trump MIGHT give an illegal order …”
  • “What a President MIGHT do …”
  • “[A]n array of horrors that COULD result from …”

They even accuse Trump of intending to assassinate political rivals. Maybe we should ask Seth Rich how that works. Oh – sorry. His death was “a robbery gone bad.”

We could easily pose similar hypotheticals about Joe Biden:

  • What if Biden collected millions of dollars from Chinese operatives and then made decisions as President that helped China but hurt the United States?
  • What if Biden did a quid pro quo with Ukraine, withholding a billion dollars in aid until they fired the prosecutor investigating the company that employed his son?

NBC News – your ethics are missing.


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