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Navy Whistleblower: Huge Increase of Heart Problems in Active Duty Pilots

What follows is information from Lt. Ted Macie of the U.S. Navy. He’s been sharing information about medical conditions found in fixed wing and helicopter pilots in 2022, as compared to the five-year average preceding that year.

Here’s what Lt. Macie had to say in his video:
I went in today, and I’m doing the same thing – a five-year average. However, I’m comparing it to 2022. And I’m using only
fixed-wing pilots and helicopter pilots on active duty:
 Hypertensive disease up 36%
 Systemic heart disease up 69%
 Pulmonary heart disease up 62%
 Heart failure up 973%
 Other forms of heart disease up 63%,
 Cardiomyopathy up 152%
 Myocarditis up 151%
If anybody knows what could possibly be causing this alarming increase of serious medical conditions suddenly appearing in our
military pilots, please … by all means … tell someone. Our national defense could be at stake.

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