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National Coming Out Day? Why Not National Crawl-Into-a-Bottle Day?

Los Angeles Schools apparently need a whole week – October 9th thru 13th – to celebrate “National Coming Out DAY.”
This is where they have kids as young as five guessing which kind of outfits might be worn by somebody who’s queer and guessing the gender of different folks in Hollywood.
This is happening in our public schools, paid for with your tax dollars.
At one time, the U.S. Congress recommended bibles be used in schools because they believed the morals taught within were necessary to create good citizens.
I know people who are born with a tendency towards homosexuality, and I also know people born with a tendency toward alcoholism. But Scripture is pretty clear that God disapproves of both.
I don’t think parents would approve of curriculum for “Climb-in-a-Bottle” day, where 5-year-olds had to guess the differences between gin and vodka, or which drinks were favored by Daniel Radcliffe.
Wouldn’t it be great if schools could refocus on Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic?

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