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Mother Sues School for Secretly Transitioning Her Child

A Virginia mother has filed a lawsuit against a school district, alleging the school concealed her daughter’s gender transition from her, which led to her daughter being sexually assaulted and trafficked.

Allegedly the school staff directed the daughter to change her name and pronouns and to use the boys’ bathroom, all while keeping it a secret from mom.

The daughter then faced abuse from other students. She was later kidnapped, drugged, taken to a different state and raped, then driven to a different state where she was left with two brothers who also drugged and raped her.  She was then taken to a registered sex offender who locked her in a room and trafficked her to other men.

Thankfully … the daughter was rescued.

And Thankfully, the mother is suing the school staff for violating her fundamental parental rights to direct the upbringing of her child. The mother is also pushing for legislation to prohibit any school from hiding gender identity choices from parents.

Is just me, or should these staff members be locked up themselves?

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