Misinformation Abounds – Questions Our Medical Professionals Should Answer

Do medical doctors employed by hospitals ever read research anymore?  How could otherwise intelligent, trained professionals insist that children under the age of 18 get “vaccinated” when the data clearly shows this population is extremely unlikely to get hospitalized because of a “Covid” infection, and even less likely to die from it?

How can these otherwise intelligent, highly trained professionals ignore the fact that children – especially boys – are at high risk for experiencing life-altering cardiac problems as a result of getting “the jab”? How could they be so calloused about the future of these children?

Why do “fact-checkers” insist no link exists between the rollout of millions of mRNA “vaccinations” and the overwhelming spike in myo/pericarditis, and why are people mocking them for this declaration?

Could it be that medical doctors, as well as organizations like the National Institutes for Health (NIH), remain obstinate that people get jabbed because they earn a financial profit from these jabs?

How can medical doctors not realize that the “vaccinations” being injected into the arms of our children are engineered for virus strains that are now extinct?  Do they not realize that these jabs cannot and will not prevent infection nor stop transmission of the manufactured enemy known as “Covid-19” and its variants?

How can medical professionals in this country (and around the world) look at the astronomical jump in vaccine injuries over the past few years and not question the reason for it? Why would they make up reasons for the jump without looking at the hard data?

How can medical professionals see with their own eyes the immense spike in people dying suddenly – even young people with no previous health problems – and not call for an investigation into ‘what is different’ these past few years?

Why do medical professionals continue to advocate for mRNA “vaccines” even after it has been made public that the pharmaceutical companies hid – and lied about – the results in their “trials”?

Why do some schools, businesses, and governmental agencies still require facemasks be worn on their premises when so many well-documented studies have shown that masks provide zero statistical difference in viral transfer?

Why do people continue to break down into tears when they find out they have a Covid infection even after we now have multiple safe early treatments that make Covid no more dangerous than a common cold? For that matter, with so many doctors saying Covid is now nothing more than a cold, why does the fearmongering remain and why do draconian health precautions still exist?

Why won’t hospitals give “THE DRUGS THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED” to Covid patients, despite clear and convincing research that these drugs are both safe and effective?  With between 10% – 40% of all prescriptions being for “off-label” use (issued for an illness when the drug is not officially approved for that illness), why did hospital administrators tell doctors they would be fired if they prescribed these drugs?

Why are mRNA shots still being given when it is now known that they have a high potential for causing permanent physiological damage to the human immune system?

Why do “establishment” medical doctors file ethics claims against other doctors speaking out about the dangers of mRNA “vaccines” (plus the CDC’s other recommendations) yet these “establishment” doctors cannot refute the evidence of safe alternative treatments?

Why won’t highly trained doctors who advocate for mRNA injections sit down to examine the full range of data and discuss these questions in a calm and rational manner?


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