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Like It or Not, Digital ID’s Will Soon be Mandatory

On November 8, 2023, the United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and partners of the Rockefeller Foundation launched the “50-in-5” agenda.
This campaign will accelerate digital ID, digital payments, and data-sharing in 50 countries over the next five years under the umbrella of digital public infrastructure.
The UN plans to roll out digital IDs worldwide by 2030, making them mandatory for participation in society.
We’re talking vaccine passports, health records, and central bank digital currencies, plus much more. And they’re selling this as a means to create better equity, financial inclusion, and a way to boost children’s rights.
Naturally, more people will buy-in if it’s “for the children.”
But every strength has a weakness. What they’re not talking about is that digital ID’s will allow technocrat totalitarians to monitor your travel, your spending, and your carbon footprint. You can win a bet that with digital ID’s, unelected globalists will be wiping out your right to privacy.

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