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Is CNN throwing Biden under the bus?

Remember the good ol’ days – three years ago – when instead of celebrating the great economy, news outlets were laser-focused on calling Trump a liar? They desperately wanted you to believe that. They even had a daily Trump Lie Tracker.

What they didn’t tell you was how they counted lies. If Trump said we had the greatest economy – that was counted as a lie.  And if Trump said that phrase five times in a speech, that was counted as five different lies.

Intellectual honesty is not their forte.

Well, as much as these same outlets tend to be shills for leftist politicians, it seems even CNN is starting to throw the current White House occupant under the bus. Listen to this.

CNN:  This President has a pattern at this point of either inventing or embellishing stories about his own past. He did it three times in one speech last month alone.

If this keeps up there could be big trouble in Little China – if you know what I mean.


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