60 Second Commentary

Is Biden Funding Rallies to Smear Trump?

What if a certain elected official denied help offered by a certain elected executive that would have staved off trouble on a certain day at the U.S. Capital because maybe – just maybe – the certain elected official WANTED things to get out of hand?

Could it be a particular law enforcement officer who oversaw the police in charge of that location thinks that is exactly what happened?

And what if supporters of the current occupant of a large historical house in Washington DC wanted to smear the previous occupant of that house by funding rallies for groups that claim a similar ideology to a certain World War II dictator … trying to make it look like the radical group supports the previous resident of that House?

And what if those in the radical group actually supported the current occupant of the famous house?

And what if some in the media lied and spread disinformation in their attempt to delegitimize a particular candidate, because that particular person would get in the way of their plans?

What if?

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