60 Second Commentary

Iowa Presidential Poll Update

It’s mid-September, and the latest poll has interesting insights.

On the red side, the first Presidential Debate had an impact. The past four months, frontrunner Donald Trump and his closest opponent, Ron DeSantis, both lost ground – while everyone else who on the debate stage gained points. Well … except Mike Pence.  He’s now tied for last place along with Bill Gates’ buddy, Doug Burgum.

Even still, trump is 35 points ahead of DeSantis, who’s polling in the mid-teens.

On the blue side, Joe Biden dropped 19 points in the past four months, but he’s still well ahead of both challengers, who are in single digits.

The most interesting fact on the blue side is the number of UNDECIDED voters going from 10 to 34% … as if to say, “anyone but these guys.”

Perhaps most telling, nearly 80% of Trump voters say they’re sticking with Trump, while nearly half or better of every other candidate’s supporters say they’re open to supporting someone else.

Lots will change … but that’s the mid-September update.

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