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In TX AG Lawsuit, Data Pfizer Doesn’t Want Us to See Will Be Exposed In Discovery

Very few things could make me happier. 

The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has announced a lawsuit against Pfizer. You can read the suit for yourself at the Texas AG’s website, in which Paxton states Pfizer “unlawfully misrepresented” its Covid-19 vaccine’s effectiveness, and “intimidated those who spread the truth,” about the so-called vaccine.

Already sycophants of the government narrative are saying Paxton’s assertions are unsubstantiated, and they’ve already begun working furiously to argue this case in the court of public opinion. 

But Pfizer claimed its vaccine was 95% effective – when it wasn’t. That statement alone is an unsupported claim that violates the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

No doubt multiple social media platforms will shadow ban, squelch, and censor news about this lawsuit, but that won’t matter. Data Pfizer doesn’t want us to see will be exposed in discovery – and it will have to be dealt with objectively.  

I’m looking forward to seeing that happen. 

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