60 Second Commentary

Imagine You’re Donald Trump. Imagine Evidence Gets Erased. 

Imagine you’re a high-profile person known throughout the country. 

And imagine a group of people don’t want you exposing their questionable and possibly illegal activity. 

And imagine they have the power to assemble witnesses and hire a TV producer to stage a dramatic show trial. And they “conclude” your actions were criminal. 

Then image this group of people has friends who happen to share their ideology – and who are government-employed lawyers. 

And image they concoct over 90 charges in multiple lawsuits against you – and that they’ll lean on the “conclusions” of the staged dramatic TV show trial when they take you to actual criminal court. 

And then imagine that all the testimony collected during the TV show trial gets erased – in violation of federal law.  

So, now you’re being taken to criminal court, and testimony that people gave cannot be examined – because it’s gone.  And yet the conclusions will be used against you. 

Seem legit?  It’s not.  

But that’s what’s going on. 


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