Hunter Biden’s Indictments Are Like Lucy Holding a Football

Mike Davis is a former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. On X/Twitter, he recently wrote that we shouldn’t be fooled by the Hunter Biden indictments, because Special Counsel David Weiss has been protecting the Biden Crime Family for years. If we follow the maxim that past behavior is indicative of future performance, Davis makes an excellent observation.

Sure, the news of the younger Biden’s indictment was music to Conservative ears, but in reality, it’s more like a Siren’s song. With these indictments on the table, Conservatives are susceptible to becoming complacent and dropping the intensity of their drive for justice. People who assume that Progressives still have ethics will assume that these indictments mean the Biden Crime Family will finally start getting their due. If Conservatives do that and back off, they run the risk of being led down the same old path of letting Progressives get away with crimes.

Progressives (who are actually Regressive, in that they want a return to top-down authoritarianism) will play this in their usual way. When Conservatives continue to push for more indictments for Biden’s other crimes, Regressives will start saying that the Conservatives are being bullies and need to back off. They will whine about being abused as they go on all the talk shows, crying that indictments already exist, and any continued push comes from Conservatives is nothing more than petty political revenge and must be stopped.

There’s a couple of problems with that. First, impeachment charges against Trump were not only political, they were manufactured. Second, the amount of actual evidence against the Biden Crime Family far outweighs any of the fabrications created to make Trump look bad.

Additionally, the Special Council who indicted Hunter Biden is none other than a Delaware U.S. Attorney who has done favors for the Bidens.

On Thursday, Davis wrote:

“Don’t be fooled. Today’s indictment of Hunter Biden for gun felonies is just more coverup by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who has protected the Bidens for years.”

“Weiss, handpicked by both Democrat home-state senators in Delaware, let the statute of limitations expire on serious tax charges, buried evidence deemed credible by the Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney of the Bidens’ alleged foreign bribery schemes, and attempted to give Hunter a sweetheart deal with secret, broad immunity that protected President Biden.

Davis also wrote:

“Weiss’s charges today continue his deceptive pattern –for years– of protecting Hunter. More troubling, Weiss is protecting President Biden. Indeed, where are Hunter’s charges related to foreign corruption, acting as an unregistered foreign agent, tax evasion, wire fraud, and other criminal charges that could implicate President Biden?

Those last questions posed by Davis are spot on.

Why no indictment for acting as an unregistered foreign agent?

Why no indictment for wire fraud?

Why no indictment for tax evasion?

With a voice of experience, Davis predicted that “Hunter will not spend a day in jail.”

Because Davis speaks truth, Conservatives cannot let up. In fact, anyone who seeks for our laws to be upheld will continue pushing and not allow any whining or cajoling or even hope to allow them to sit back believing that Hunter Biden is going to be punished for these crimes.

Think of Charlie Brown attempting, once again, to kick the football Lucy is holding. She pulls it away every single time, yet Charlie Brown repeatedly believes that, “This time will be different.”

Only it’s not different.

It’s never different.

And Progressives play this game every single time.

Who would think for a moment that an attorney who has repeatedly provided cover for the Biden Crime Family would suddenly grow an ounce of integrity and do the right thing “this time?”

Only people who are fooled by the Siren Song played by the media, who sing in the most beautiful, melodious manner, that special councils are not political.

Only people who think that this time will be different, and Lucy will actually hold the ball with integrity when Charlie Brown comes in for the kick.

Matt Davis is correct. Hunter Biden will never spend a day in jail because of this indictment.

It’s a sham.

It’s a stunt.

It’s a typical Regressive trick.

Those who want true justice for any crimes committed by the Biden family can in no way lighten up. They must press forward with both integrity and the fierceness of a fight for survival if they want any justice for the layers upon layers of crimes that have “allegedly” been committed.

In other words, full investigations must take place. Conservatives must not be waylaid by the Siren’s Song. And because past behavior is indicative of future performance, under no circumstances should they ever believe that Lucy is going to hold the football with integrity.

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