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Human Trafficking on the Ukrainian Border

The world has more than its share of people choosing to do evil, and the chaos resulting from the Ukrainian war is giving them cover.
UNICEF is reporting that unaccompanied children fleeing Ukraine are getting trafficked.
In a one-month period earlier this year, more than 500 children were identified as unaccompanied while crossing from Ukraine into Romania, but officials suspect that number is much higher.
Criminals are posing as “good Samaritans,” luring victims away from government checkpoints, offering them free rides to safety – only to exploit them.
And the trafficking isn’t just for sex. Some children are abducted for their organs. One trafficker, who claimed to be a “charity worker,” was discovered to have an 11-month-old child he intended to sell for organ transplants to wealthy middle-easterners. Thankfully, the man was caught. But sadly, it was learned he had previously sold three other children.
UNICEF says national and international law enforcement must make changes to effectively monitor the movement of women and children. Let’s hope they do it.

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