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How Many Terrorists are in the United States?

More people crossed our border illegally in 2022 than Trump’s four years combined, and that’s just the ones they encountered. How many slipped through that weren’t encountered?
And when Biden tries to make you feel guilty (and shut up) by saying, “They’re families,” he’s lying. More than twice as many single individuals have crossed our border than individuals in families.
Since Biden has been in office, more than 4.5 million people have BEEN ENCOUNTERED crossing illegally. That’s more than the population in HALF of our states. Some reports show 5.5 million.
Only several thousand Hamas terrorists created the death and destruction in Israel. At question: How many terrorists are among the 4.5 MILLION who’ve crossed OUR border? And remember, these “migrants” have been bussed or flown to all 50 states.
How many “immigrants” does it take to poison a water supply? To blow up a dam or a transformer station? To undo railway tracks?
As I said in one of my recent commentaries, buckle up, get right w/ God, and stock up on supplies. It will take only a few sleeper cells to start a full-scale collapse of this country.

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