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How do carbon offsets work?

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Instead of lowering your own carbon emissions, you pay for “offsets,” which fund efforts to fight climate change. When you buy enough, you’re carbon-neutral.

Let’s be real. In plain language, rich people buy carbon offsets to pay for projects that pressure others to lower their carbon footprint. That way they can feel morally justified in polluting the planet.

Bill Gates once confessed that he probably has “one of the highest greenhouse gas footprints on the planet.” How does Gates rationalize this?  

BILL GATES:  Not only am I not part of the problem, by paying for the offsets . . .”

Well there IS a problem with that.

An investigation analysed the top 50 offset projects, and found that 78% were considered “likely junk – or worthless.”

But don’t worry about Bill. The $7 million he pays each year helps fund efforts to outlaw your Bar B Que so that he can pump out 175,000 metric tons of pollution annually.

And that’s how carbon offsets work. (It’s a sham.)

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