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Grad Student Leslie Elliott Reveals the Extent Social Justice Indoctrination is Occurring In Schools

The scene — A liberal graduate student has her eyes opened to the breadth and depth of social justice indoctrination happening in her masters program, and worse yet, pledging to uphold and promote the social justice ideology has become REQUIRED for her to graduate!

Join Keep the Republic host Daniel Bobinski in this conversation with Leslie Elliott, who’s seeking a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling at Antioch University in Seattle, Washington.

— Learn how counseling students are taught to broach race during their first session with a client and “help” marginalized people feel more like victims.

— Learn how counseling students are taught to rate themselves and their clients to determine which is the oppressed and which is the oppressor.

— Learn how counseling students are told they are not being equipped to help “Trump supporters.”


This is an amazing, eye-opening interview. Share it with your friends, and take a stand against this indoctrination.

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