Gabriel Rench Wins His Lawsuit Against Moscow, Idaho; Why We Must Stand For Our Rights

Gabriel Rench recently won a $300,000 settlement in a lawsuit against the city of Moscow, Idaho. In this show, Rench speaks with Daniel Bobinski about his arrest during a Psalm-Sing protest in September 2020 and his subsequent legal battle.

Included in the discussion:

  • His desire to defend his First Amendment rights as a worshiper – and as a political candidate
  • The need to hold people running his city to be accountable for their actions
  • What the outcome of his lawsuit means for Americans moving forward

Rench also highlights the importance of citizens understanding their constitutional rights and fighting against the erosion of those rights, even in times of crisis. He also emphasizes that mayors as well as officials in any capacity should not be allowed to infringe upon citizens’ constitutional rights during emergencies.

Also mentioned are the biases Rench faced because of his conservative views and the challenges he faces in a largely liberal town.

Bottom line: It’s important to stand up for principles, even in the face of public opposition and media misrepresentation!

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