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Free people need to be able to defend themselves

Israel doesn’t have a 2nd amendment. They have strict gun laws. No one can own or carry there without showing a reason to do so.
Well, recent attacks from Hamas found many Israelis defenseless – and then dead. In fact, in the five armed conflicts with Hamas over the last 15 years, this month’s fighting was by far the deadliest for Israel.
As a result, not only is Israel relaxing its laws, they’re also purchasing and handing out thousands of rifles to civilians.
By the way, when one sees an enemy using paragliders to attack, that should put an immediate end to the question, “Why do you need more than 10 bullets?”
In one video showing revelers at a dance rave, Paragliders can be seen on the horizon, coming in for their attack. The revelers were unarmed. Moments later, hundreds of them were slaughtered.
America’s 2nd Amendment was never about hunting.
With Israel now relaxing their gun laws, looks like they’ve realized what our Founders knew: free people need to be able to defend themselves.

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