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Fearmongering 202: What Disease X and the Pandemic Treaty Have In Common

This week in Davos, Switzerland, the self-appointed global elites are busy plotting and planning how they will run the world.

As we all observed a few years ago, all they need to do to get people to comply with unreasonable, made-up rules is to stir up a lot of fear.

Remember the fear pushed on us at the outset of Covid? We were told 14% of those who caught it were going to die. That was fear. And lots of it. But we soon learned the predictions were incorrect. Covid deaths were on par with the seasonal flu – people were especially good to go if they took the drugs that Fauci didn’t want you to take.

Well, this week in Davos, a presentation was given titled, “Preparing for Disease X.” And the very first sentence told us, “’Disease X’ could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic.”

How do they know?

That’s a lot of fear, but that kind of statement has all the markers of another “accidental release” of a new virus.

The question is, “why?”

At least two reasons exist.

First, this is an election year. Think back to four years ago. We saw pictures of people in China lying dead on the sidewalk. That stirred up tons of fear, and governors decided their emergency powers gave them the right to suspend the Constitution. Included with that was changing the way voting occurred, and suddenly we had voting drop boxes where people could drop off their mail-in ballots.

Never mind nobody was watching those drop boxes. But because of the fear that was ginned up, that method of voting was created for our safety. And we all know the Presidential election in 2020 was the most secure in the history of the nation.

Well, the globalists don’t want Trump back in the White House, so it’s a fair bet that unless globalists keep Trump off the ballot by legal or other means, he’s going to be the Republican nominee. So, they’re going to need a lot of fear to have a reason for even more draconian efforts to make sure we have another secure election. Perhaps 20x more fear.

The second reason for all the fear surrounding this mysterious “Disease X” is because the World Health Organization wants to move beyond being an advisory agency. They want to become the global dictator of all things health related.

Keep in mind, the WHO is an arm of the United Nations. And their largest funder – after the United States – is the person Bill Gates. Billy Boy is arm-and-arm and lockstep with globalist goals of the World Economic Forum.

So how does the WHO move into that position of global power? Well, another topic of discussion at this year’s meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos is the upcoming implementation of a global “Pandemic Treaty.” This “treaty” moves the WHO from an advisory body to decision-making body, and all member nations will be required to comply with the WHO’s dictates.

This means the United States will become subservient to the dictates of the unelected WHO.

Interestingly, while the rest of the world calls it a Pandemic Treaty, it will be called an Agreement here in America – because our Constitution requires the Senate to approve all treaties, and the Republicans in our Senate are not likely to submit America’s sovereignty to the United Nations.

The White House occupant can sign an agreement, but he can’t authorize a treaty.

It’s only a minor word change, right?

Again, “Disease X” will be used to gin up enough fear to convince the world to comply with more unreasonable, made-up rules that will no doubt be put in place “for our safety.”

Everyone needs to understand – the fear surrounding “Disease X” (and other fears that they throw at us) are being manufactured to manipulate us.

Voting drop boxes should never again be allowed, and America must say “no” to this “Pandemic Treaty.” Our country is being systematically dismantled by globalists from without and from within our country. If we want our liberties to survive, we have to stand up and say “no.”


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