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Fascists in Government Want Control of Your Car

Fascism is top-down dictatorial leadership with centralized control and a rejection of liberties.  

If you think the Biden Administration is concerned about your liberties, they are – especially ensuring that there’s less of them. 

Slipped into Biden’s infrastructure bill was clause mandating KILL SWITCHES on all cars made after 2026. Representative Thomas Massie tried getting congress to cancel that mandate, but apparently most of folks we elect to represent us in DC don’t give a rat’s patootie about your liberties, either. Massie’s amendment failed. 

We’re told the kill switch will prevent drunk driving by automatically disabling a vehicle if the driver is impaired. What they’re NOT telling us is that the device will also monitor in-car conversations – and that it can be hacked, so not just the government, but anyone can shut down your vehicle remotely. 

Government officials will even be able to monitor your speed and issue you speeding tickets, regardless of circumstances. 

Which President did they say was a Fascist? 

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