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Elites Double Down on Their Misinformation

The unelected self-appointed elites at the World Economic Forum now say that “misinformation” is a cybersecurity issue, and they’re calling for more action.
That’s another way of saying, “suppression” of people like you and me exposing what’s really going on.
You need to remember that a certain President made it legal for the U.S. government to publish propaganda.
With that in mind, isn’t it interesting that the CDC still uses the phrase “safe and effective” to describe the serum that made a certain Pfizerceutical company tens of billions of dollars. How many people got people fired for not taking it? And they locked down the world!
When we get past the surface, we see the real misinformation coming from those who are grasping for power – because they know nobody in their right mind would ever align themselves with their globalist totalitarianism.
So, they’re doubling down on THEIR misinformation, all while doing a lot of projecting. Saul Alinsky would be proud.
Our job? Keep speaking the truth.
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