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Drug Dealer Border Crossers Are Bused In At Your Expense 

Two of the most trusted names in Joe Biden’s administration (cough), Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, are in Mexico this week to “hammer out new agreements to control the surge of migrants” entering this country. It’s virtue signaling at its best, because these guys are ignoring existing laws on the books for how to handle people crossing the border illegally. 

What’s it like on the border? Try over 10,000 crossers each day. In fact, there have been over 200,000 December crossers by Christmas Day. Texas Congressman Tony Gonzalez said more than 14,000 crossed just on the Tuesday before Christmas – the highest in U.S. History. 

And yet, the Biden White House tells us this record number of crossers is “not unusual.” Sure. What IS unusual are whistleblowers exposing that a great percentage of crossers are criminals, and – get this – bus companies are getting paid thousands of dollars PER PERSON to transport these people into the country. One company has received $75 million so far. Airlines are also being paid to shuttle “migrants” to the U.S. interior. 

Think about the ripple effects of that. First, it’s your money being used to transport them into the country and provide them cell phones and gift cards. Second, and the real detriment to this country, is the astronomical influx of drugs and crime. 

For a presidential administration to enable this is either inept or they’re unrolling a planned operation. Either way, the country in which you grew up is deteriorating faster than you think. 


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