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Dr. Ryan Cole on Data vs Medical Deception

Dr. Ryan Cole provides the data and the evidence of medical deception in regards to the COVID 19 virus and the mRNA shot.

In this episode of Keep the Republic, Dr. Daniel Bobinski interviews Dr. Ryan Cole who provides data and facts supporting the concerns that the vaccine is more damaging than the illness. The deception runs deep and the financial incentives involved from big pharma are blinding those who are responsible for maintaining medical safety from performing their jobs without bias.

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Dr Cole Interview transcripbed

It’s been years and the evidence demands a verdict! Dr. Cole speaks about the lack of data used to make decisions about Covid and its mutations – and the lack of safety studies for the newly developed gene therapy mislabeled as a vaccine. In addition to exposing the current medical deception, this e-book contains resources to help families secure health and safety in the future, because the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, and Johns Hopkins University have conducted yet another tabletop exercise to coordinate for another specific plandemic in the coming years.



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