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“Don’t Play the Game.” Leslie Elliot Explains Why ‘Pronouns’ are Narcissistic

Leslie Elliott is a coach and consultant and founder of The Radical Center Consulting Company. A specialist in mental health, Leslie also puts out regular videos. Her recent expose titled, “Pronouns: Why we should not play along,” has been gaining traction, and serves as the catalyst for this discussion.

As Leslie, says, the new wave of special pronoun use is not a new etiquette, it is forcing you to lie about someone.  The three main reasons why we should not play along, as outlined by Leslie Elliott, are:

  1. It undermines self-confidence and fosters the idea that our concept of “self” is dependent upon others
  2. It encourages narcissistic behavior in those who insist we use their chosen pronouns
  3. It creates and/or perpetuates gender confusion in children

Catch Daniel Bobinski’s discussion with Leslie on the KTR Rumble page, or just watch it here:

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