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DEI Spending is Out of Control on College Campuses

Wokeness – the social Marxism that now permeates our country – is getting out of control on college campuses.

For example, over the past five years, Ohio State University has doubled its number of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion employees, and the DEI payroll there has nearly tripled. Their DEI budget was $7.3 million just five years ago, but today it’s more than $20.3 million.

Even in Oklahoma – arguably the most conservative state in the union – universities have spent more than $83 million on DEI over the last ten years.

The funding of drag queen performances and racist anti-racial training is having a negative effect, with students feeling less safe on campus that students did 20 years ago.

The negative impact on students has gotten so bad, some Republican lawmakers are proposing to defund DEI in higher education, and an increasing number of donors are withdrawing their donations.

I have my doubts, but maybe getting their funds cut will help the woke wake up.

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