60 Second Commentary

Congress Appears to Want the Border Invasion 

While the bought-and-paid for resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue makes lame excuses regarding America’s porous southern border, millions – and really, millions – of people just waltz across, in essence, invading this country. 

It’s a de-facto game of catch and release, complete with barbless hooks. 

If the crossers happen to get stopped, they simply regurgitate the line that they’re here to seek asylum. Then they’re handed a piece of a paper with a court date scheduled for several years out and released into the country to go wherever they want and do whatever they want, with zero intention of ever appearing at said court date. 

More people have entered America illegally in the past 12 months than the total population of eight U.S. states combined. 

It’s gotten so bad that multiple states, cities, and counties have declared states of emergency because of the huge influx of illegal immigrants. 

By the way –if anyone has a problem with phrase “illegal immigrants,” it happens to be a legal term used by the U.S. Supreme Court, so they can take their FAKE outrage to that court – or to someone who actually cares about the woke agenda. 

But back to the point at hand – 

The U.S. Congress is supposed to set the country’s laws and the executive branch is supposed to execute those laws. But as I pointed out, the executive branch is ignoring the laws created by our representatives. 

At question – When will our elected representatives do their jobs and put the executive branch in check? Or, do they, too, want this invasion? That’s something to consider. Because by their lack of action, it appears they want it too. And if that’s true, we’re in deeper trouble than we thought. 

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