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Compelled Speech is a Communist Control Tactic

Idaho’s Congressman Mike Simpon has long painted himself as a Conservative but has rarely voted like one. And now he’s ignoring the will of the people he represents by not voting for Jim Jordan to be Speaker of the House. In the past, Simpson has referred to his constituents as riff raff, so it’s little wonder he’s not respecting their wishes.
Other news: Louisiana has become the latest state to ban Zuckerbucks!
Of course, the Middle East is hot, and could easily boil over into even more hostilities with little or no warning. The State Department told U.S. citizens overseas to exercise “increased caution” because of the “increased tensions” across the globe.
That warning should also apply to Americans in America. Reason: More than 5.5 MILLION people crossed the border illegally since Joe Biden took up residence it the White House – more than the populations of Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming COMBINED.
Many crossers have come from Syria – a country classified by the US government as a state sponsor of terrorism. It doesn’t take but a handful of people to claim they are seeking asylum when they are actually terrorists … sleeper cells … waiting for a signal to cause chaos and maybe even death and destruction in this country.
The United States has been so flooded with illegal aliens that even blue state governors and blue city mayors are saying, “Enough,” as their resources are clearly overwhelmed.
Finally, the Epoch Times reports a billionaire Democrat has changed his mind about Donald Trump. The venture capitalist says many of Trump’s policies were solid, and disliking the man prevented many from hearing the truth and rightness of what he was saying.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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